QA is very important for your Android application development. According to Google Testing Pyramid you should have 70% unit tests, 20% integration tests, and 10% end-to-end tests. Unit tests and moreover integration tests are quite difficult to develop. The qualification of developer that is working with those tests should be the same as the developer who is working at application itself. When unit tests are well known to all developers and most of them usually created them for project, integration tests are very specific for area of development.

Espresso is the usual choice for Android project. But to develop Espresso tests you should spend time of your main team that can work more on new features instead of developing tests. Our team can help you with developing Espresso tests for your projects. As result you can spend more time developing your application and moreover you can be sure that your functionality will be double checked with our team.

Why our team can be a good choice for you:

  • Our team created Espresso Test Recorder and Espresso Black Box products. We have good experience in Espresso development.
  • Using our Espresso Black Box we can create Espresso tests for your application without access to sources. We will only need an APK from you. This will protect your intellectual property.
  • We can also help you to build fully automated solution for QA of your application. Configure all necessary continuous integration environment, etc.
  • We can also provide you ready test cases and even make manual QA if necessary, so we are not limited to Espresso development only. Contact us for more details at
  • Our service is not expensive, the price depends from type of work, but for your estimation one hour of our work is $20 per person in common scenario.

Our team:

Vyacheslav Pedak

Vyacheslav created initial versions of Espresso Test Recorder and Espresso Black Box. He has more then 20 year experience in software development.

Alexander Magdenko

Alexander has more then 15 year experience in software development. He used to work in different software companies and was working and with core java and with Android development.

Alexey Ivanov

Alexey knows everything in QA. He has more then 15 year QA experience including QA team management and QA process development.

Ilya Basov

Ilya is perfect QA person. His QA experience is more then 5 years. And he is dedicated to QA automatization.

We are located in Russia in Saint Petersburg. Payments can be processed through our partner Avangate that has a lot of possible payments options.