How to use "Android Test Recorder" plugin

Plugin is available under Tools menu item

After starting plugin you will see it's window

You should select necessary module from your project and activity. After this you can click Record button to start recording. Then you will have to select device/emulator where to run your application. After the application is started you can start clicking at application UI. Recorder plugin will record all your interactions and you will see them in the list of recorder actions.

At the end you should click Stop button and then Generate Code button. You will have to select where to put generated sources and then you will see generated code in your IDE editor window.

This plugin will generate a skeleton of your test, since it is recording user actions. You will have to add necessary test verification logic yourselves.

You can also take a look at video that demonstrates this process.

Known Issues and Troubleshooting

No "Generate Code" button.
Sometimes you can not see Generate Code button in UI. This is because the width of plugin window is not enough. You should expand plugin window to resolve this.

Plugin does not record your actions.
First of all plugin now has the following limitations:

  • WebView recording is not supported now
  • Gestures recording are also not supported
  • If you have a button that doesn't have any click listener attached plugin will not record this
Also plugin in active development now and there can be real issues that are not fixed yet. Please submit those issues to GitHub Issues Tracker or write me an email at