Develop your Espresso Tests for Android without access to sources.

Espresso is great test framework from Google. It allows you to test your UI in very flexible and effective way but there is one problem - it requires sources to build a test.

Espresso Back Box is intended to resolve this problem and add ability to create, compile and run the Espresso tests against APK (without access to sources). This is an Android Studio plugin that add Espresso "black box" testing capabilities to Android Studio.

See here why this can be important for you and what is the benefit.

Outsource your QA and UI tests development.

Our team has big experience in QA for Android projects. Our main specialization is writing UI (Espresso) and Unit tests for Android projects. We also can help you with usual QA process like writing test cases and even manual QA.

See here what our team can do for you and why our team can be a good choice.

Save your time during creating UI Tests for Android

Android Tests Recorder is a plugin to the Android Studio. It allows you to record user interactions and generate UI test sources skeleton. You will need to add logic to this sources yourselves, but the most time consumed part to create necessary user interactions will be generated for you automatically.

License Android Tests Recorder is free, open source and licensed under Apache 2.0 License

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